Electrical, Renewable Energy, Power, DCS

Management Analysis and Operational Audit including Performance Evaluation of Electric Power Generation Plants




10 - 21 Jun 2018


Manama (Bahrain)


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GROUP DISCOUNT (More than 3 Participants): 30%

Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
This Program builds strong Power Generation Facility Performance Analysis, Auditing and Management Skills in the participants.
It will build capabilities for verifying that the organization’s policies, objectives, plans, processes, written procedures and all other elements of organization activities are being implemented, and are operating, effectively – achieving your organization’s strategic goals.
This program will also help you Identify Continuous Improvement Opportunities by…

  • Building a high level of understanding of all organization processes including for each process: What? How? Why? When? Risks? Impact on Strategic Goals?
  • Following a Very Practical Checklist approach to make learning relevant and applicable to On-the-Job Performance Needs.
  • Showing what is involved to bring organization's operations in Compliance with ISO-9000 requirements.
  • This Program extensively relies on Checklists, Procedures, Step-by-Step Instructions and Case-Studies.
  • Emphasis is on Easy Practical Approach to Solving Problems.
  • Covers: the Issues, Procedures, Key Questions Methodology Guidelines
  • Identification of Parameters, Measurement Methods, Planning and Management.

Program Content

Part-I (First week)
Management Processes Procedures on Power Generation Facilities, including Continuous Improvement Opportunities On Projects

  • The Nature of Performance Problems.
  • Risks on Power Generation Facilities
  • Organizational Procedures
  • Understanding Continuous Improvement: Company Strategic Direction – Clarify Strategic Objectives – Determine Unit of Competitive Advantage. What to Improve? What not to Improve? How to establish Improvement Priorities?
  • Implementing Continuous Improvement. Including: Setting up measurement standards - How will we know we have achieved the set goal? Implementation, Communication, Organizing and Motivation Issues. Change Management.
  • Proactive Decision Support System.

Part-II (Second Week)
Conducting a Performance Analysis or Audit of Power Generation Facility
·  Current Developments Advanced Issues

  • Risk Based Audits Risk Management
  • Self Control Assessment
  • Selling Audit Reports Recommendations
  • New Tools Techniques
  • Business Process Continuous Improvement Methodology
  • ISO-9000 Internal Audits
  • TQM

Analysis Planning

  • Establishing Scope Objectives
  • Preliminary Review of System
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Preparing Tentative Audit Program

Operational Analysis of Power Generation Facility

  • Reviewing Operating Policies Documentation, Confirming Procedures.
  • Observing Operating Functions Activities
  • Examining Financial Operating Plans and Reports
  • Testing Accuracy of Operating Information
  • Testing Controls

Advanced Issues

  • Validating the Analysis Process
  • Validating Key Performance Indicators

Different Production Facility Arrangements
Analyzing the Major Processes
Audit Control Procedures for:-

  • Third Party Audits
    • Inspections
    • Certifications
  • Evaluation of Findings
  • Making and Selling Analysis Recommendations
  • Change Management.
  • Understanding and Managing Resistance to Improvement Recommendations.

Case Study

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